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Answers to chaar cheezon ka naam hindi mein batao

Question to 4 cheezon ka naam hindi mein batao
Answers to 4 cheezon ka naam hindia mein batao :

Ambulance - Aapatkaal Vaahan
Mobile - Doorbhashak Yantra
Tube Light - Prakash Nali  OR  Nali Batthi
Sim - Grahak Parichay Yantra

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Answer to whatsapp Guess the cars companies and brand

Question to Guess the cars companies or brand names
Answer to Guess the cars model or brand names
1. Suzuki
2. Duster
3. Ambassador
4. Honda City
5. Beat / Tata
6. i10
7. Santro
8. Fortuner
9. Logan
10. Chevrolet
11. Wagon R
12. Endeavor
13. Amaze
14. Volkswagen
15. Polo
16. Sunny
17. Renault
18. Maruti

Answer to I am a 7 letter word

Answer : Cartoon

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answer to there are 5 houses in 5 different colours

Question of answer to there are 5 houses in 5 different colours
The German owns the fish and the table below details the full answer:

Nationality : Norweg   Dane    Brit        German   Swede

Colour        : Yellow   Blue       Red        Green    White

Beverage    : water       tea       milk         coffee   chocolate

Smokes       : Dunhill  Blend   Pall Mall  Prince   Blue Master

Pet              : cats        horses    birds        fish       dogs 

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Answer to A cowboy arrives in town

Answer : Sunday is also the name of the horse

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Answer to Whatsapp Guess international brand of watches

Question of Guess International Brand of Watches
Answer to Whatsapp Guess international brand of watches
1. Rado
2. Omega
3. Cartier
4. Casio (Not Sure)
5. Longinese (Not sure)
6. Rolex
7. Dior
8. Hublot
9. TAG Heuer
10. Movado
11. Montblanc
12. Corum
13. Ulysse Nardin

Answers to Whatsapp Guess Country Names

Question of Guess Country Names Whatsapp emoticons quiz
Answer to Whatsapp Emoticons Quiz Guess Country Names
1. Germany
2. Oman
3. China
4. Cuba
5. Botswana
6. Ukraine
7. Spain
8. Wales
9. Peru
10. Italy
11. Argentina
12. Dubai
13. Bali
14. Pakistan
15. India
16. Iran
17. Panama
18. Singapore