Earn Money Online without Investments from Home

Earn Money Online From home Without Investments

Step 1 : Click on the above Image or this link to get Started

Step 2 : Register on the Site and Verify the confirmation link received in your email to start Earning.

Step 3 : Now you can start earning money in the following Ways :

  • Visit Websites
  • Complete Tasks
  • Take Surveys
  • Complete offers
  • Playing Clixgrid
  • Viewing Videos
  • Refer others

How will you receive Payments ?

After Accumulating enough money on Clixsense you can cashout your earnings through Paypal / Paytoo / Cheque and then transfer it into your bank account. The minimum amount you can cashout from Clixsense depends on your membership plan. For Free members the minimum cashout is $8 and for premium members the minimum cashout is $6.

Why Clixsense is not a Scam ?

Clixsense is a registered company in USA and is online and paying on time since 2007 ! A lot of people from around the world (including India) are earning money through this site. You can see their success stories and payment proofs in their forum. Also if you do a google search for “Clixsense review” you come back with plenty of pages of people telling how they have made money and have been paid from this company.

How Does it Work ?

Clixsense is a free service which accepts members from most of the countries (except a few of them). Advertisers pay to have their websites / products exposed and you earn money from Clixsense while viewing these sites. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers. They also help other companies by providing them a platform to conduct surveys and in return you get paid. Also Crowdflower tasks help us to earn money online and Clixsense earns a commission in return. So they get paid and in return you  get paid and you can earn money online from home without investments.

Free Mobile Recharge On Laaptu

Earn Free Mobile Recharge on Laaptu !!

Step 1 : Register on Laaptu by clicking here

Step 2 : As soon as you register you can start earning recharges !! Earn Free Mobile Recharge in many ways :

  1. Get Joining Bonus of Rs. 2
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  5. Earn Recharge when others play quiz using your link

Tips to get maximum talktime By Inviting

  • Copy & paste your invite link where ever possible.
  • Invite friends by all 4 ways mentioned above.
  • Login to your laaptu a/c regularly to check your talktime balance in ‘MY WALLET’ section.
  • Facebook and e-mail invites work faster than others.

Yeh 3 Sawaal hai ? Agar Aap sahi Jawab de de, Toh umeed hai ki aap har pariksha pass kar sakte hai

ये तीन सवाल है? अगर आप सही जवाब दे दे , तो उम्मीद है कि आप हर परीक्षा पास कर सकते  है.
🔸1 फाँसी का समय फजर की नमाज के बाद और सूरज निकलने के पहले क्यो किया जाता है ? किसी और समय मे क्यो नही दी जाती है?
🔸2  वो कौन सी चीज है जो  आपके पास हो तो निकाह नही हो सकता है और न हो तो जनाजा नही हो सकता है?
🔸3 अगर किसी लड़की की लाश मिले तो  कैसे  मालूम  करोगे कि वह  लडकी मुसलमान है?

रिप्लाई मस्ट ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’                   जिसको  भी फारवर्ड कर सकते है
करीए और जबाब  तलाश  कीजिए ।

आपको चैलेंज है  24 घटे के  भीतर आप अपने साथी दोस्तों को  भेजे
आपका समय अब शुरु हुआ।

व्हाट्सएप के एक्सस्पर्ट  हो तो उत्तर  दे।

Answer this one?: Money has different Names !!!


Money has different names !!!
In church its called
in school its
in marriage it’s called
in divorce (alimony),
when u owe someone its
(debt ),
when u pay the government
in court
civil servant retirees
boss to workers
master to subordinates
when u borrow from bank
when u offer after a service
to kidnappers
illegally received in d name of service

The question is “when a Husband gives it to his Wife what do we call it??

Answer __________??

Send to ur contacts and receive funny answers..but answer me first!!!

How many runs a single player can score in One day Match

A question for all cricket lovers..!!
How many runs a single player can score in One day match (50 overs/ 300 balls)…
No ‘no balls’, no wides, no extras, no over throws…
So how much runs he can score max???
This question came in CSAT and 99% people answered it wrong..
Clue: the answer is not 1800!!

Guess these Indian City Names

Show your Talent.. Guess these Indian City Names from the given Whatsapp Quiz

Guess these Indian City Names

People guessing 15, 17 & 19 are real Genius !


Answes to Guess these Indian City Names :

1. New Delhi
2. Chandigarh
3. Nashik
4. Cochin
5. Bombay
6. Pondicherry
7. Indore
8. Calicut
9. Nagpur
10. Bhopal
11. Pune
12. Guwahati
13. Agra
14. Banglore
15. Satara
16. Culcatta
17. Gangapur
18. Manali
19. Tirumala (Tirupati)
20. Manglore
21. Kanpur
22. Chennai

1 2